What is a Great Street?

    • Great Streets connect the community.
    • Great Streets are beautiful places to walk, bike or enjoy the weather.  They bring the community out and they bring the community together.
    • Great Streets are for everyone.
    • A Great Street has space for walkers, bikes, dogs and cars.  Smart design ensures safety and convenience for everyone.
    • Great Streets are for families.
    • Families have places to go: school, work, soccer practice.  Common streets are hard for kids to navigate.  Great Streets create transportation options for families.
    • Great Streets are healthy streets.
    • Great Streets bring people outdoors.  They are places to walk, bike, run and use your muscles.  Being outdoors in the sun gives you Vitamin D and melatonin for bone and muscle health, helps regulate sleep cycles, and can improve emotional well-being.  Great Streets create healthy communities.
    • Great Streets are for cycling.
    • Cyclists come in different sizes, shapes and ages.  They wear sweats or spandex, and ride road bikes, dirt bikes, unicycles and tricycles.  A great street is a place for all cyclists.

Great Streets don’t happen by accident. They happen with great city planners, leaders and community input. City leaders need your input to make Great Streets!