Mountain View Pedestrian and Bicyclist Injuries

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To gain a better understanding of the safety concerns for bicyclists and pedestrians, Great Streets Mountain View has analyzed recent injury and fatality data. The charts and maps below are based on the bicyclist and pedestrian injuries and fatalities reported to the Mountain View Police Department from January 2008 to July 2013. Please note that any accidents which were not reported to the MVPD are not included. Also, accident locations are approximate since the MVPD data gives an intersection (i.e. Escuela and W El Camino Real) rather than a precise location.

Key Observations

  • The number of bicyclist injuries (235) is more than double the number of pedestrian injuries (100). However, all fatalities (12) were pedestrians.
  • Pedestrian injuries tend to be concentrated in central Mountain View, while bicyclist injuries are more broadly dispersed.
  • All fatalities were pedestrians. The locations with the most fatalities:
    • California St between Franklin St and Escuela Ave (3 fatalities)
    • Phyllis Ave and Phyllis Ct/Hans Ave (2 fatalities)
  • The locations with the most pedestrian injuries:
    • Escuela Ave between El Camino Real and California St (10 injuries)
    • Castro St between El Camino Real and Evelyn Ave (9 injuries)
    • El Camino Real and El Monte Ave (5 injuries)
    • El Camino Real and Sylvan Ave/The Americana (1 fatality, 4 injuries)
    • California St and Escuela Ave (1 fatality, 3 injuries)
    • Rengstorff Ave and Central Expressway/Crisanto Ave/Leland Ave  (1 fatality, 3 injuries)
  • The locations with the most bicyclist injuries:
    • Rengstorff Ave and Central Expressway/Crisanto Ave/Leland Ave (11 injuries)
    • Shoreline Blvd and Villa St (6 injuries)
    • El Camino Real and El Monte Ave/Escuela Ave (6 injuries)
    • California St and Rengstorff Ave (5 injuries)
    • Rengstorff Ave and Middlefield Rd / Colony St (5 injuries)
    • Moffett Blvd and Middlefield Rd (5 injuries)
    • El Camino Real and San Antonio Rd (5 injuries)

Summary Statistics (2008-2013)


Pedestrian Injuries and Fatalities Heat Map (2008-2013)

Pedestrian Injuries in MV

Bicyclist Injuries Heat Map (2008-2013)

Bicyclist Injuries in MV

About the Dataset

For an alternate visualization which plots accidents by location, see this interactive map

You are free to download the dataset for your own analysis purposes. Please notify if you are using this data or need to report a correction. Download Excel format

Special thanks to Cherie Walkowiak for sharing the police data with GSMV.